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Ondine develops innovative, non-antibiotic technologies that are lethal to a wide spectrum of pathogens including bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our platform technology utilizes light activated agents to prevent and treat infections, addressing clinical needs that are becoming more frequent and severe.

The Passion Behind Ondine Biomedical

Americans consume 25 million pounds of antibiotics every year; livestock consumes another 25 million pounds mostly for non-therapeutic reasons (ie growth promotion). Much of the human consumption (about 60%) of antibiotics is related to diagnostic uncertainty. Therefore, our misuse and overuse of antibiotics are undermining their efficacy. Antibiotic resistance is considered to be one of the world’s top ten public health issues by the CDC; indeed it should be, we are at a near crisis situation with few/no new antibiotics coming on stream due to their billion dollar price tags getting through the 6-10 year FDA process.

The human body is full of bacteria – microbes  outnumber our own cells by a factor of 10 – and we need them to survive. However, bacterial cells are capable of changing so rapidly that our human cells are often incapable of dealing with these changes. Bacteria change radically because they are able to pick up genetic material or code from live and dead bacteria and viruses.  Equally important are the changes to the virulence factors associated with bacteria. Considering the increasing incidence of drug resistant bacteria and infections, the delicate balance of human/bacterial coexistence has clearly shifted against us.

Existing antibiotics must be preserved and rotated like crops to ensure maximum efficacy and minimal resistance. It has been proven that highly resistant bugs can once again become susceptible to antibiotics after periods of non-use. Coordination on a nationwide scale is therefore important. Recognizing that this will be difficult to execute, it is imperative that new antibacterial technology be encouraged and nurtured. Our company, Ondine Biomedical, is currently working on innovative non-antibiotic technologies that show promising results against a wide spectrum of pathogens including fungus and virus. We are applying light activated agents to address topical infections, and we believe that this technology will become more widespread in the years to come.