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SurgENT Sinus Irrigation Catheter

Effective, deep cleansing solution for sinus debris

A faster, more effective debridement and deep-cleaning solution designed to reduce biofilm and mucus in the sinuses. Recommended as a complementary treatment to surgery or in the clinic for refractory patients to clean the sinuses.

Why Use SurgENT™ Sinus Irrigation Catheter?

  • A better clean: quickly and thoroughly evacuates the sinus cavities with HydroDynamic™ action that effectively directs irrigant flow along the entire sinus circumference
  • Set-up in seconds: uses only two syringes, enabling 'on-demand' use
  • Safe and easy to use: tactile syringe pressurization for controlled balloon inflation

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Intended Use

The device is intended for the removal of mucus, biofilms and debris from the paranasal sinuses using irrigation in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis.


  • Single patient use only.
  • Endoscopic visualization during use is required.
  • Use in the sphenoid sinus may result in impingement of the internal carotid artery or optic nerve.
  • Prior CT is recommended.
  • Use only liquid for balloon inflation.
  • Excessive inflation may increase risk of damage.
  • Do not inflate balloon in ostium.
  • Consult the SurgENT Sinus Irrigation Catheter Directions for Use for the complete list of warnings.