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Press Conference: Superbugs No Match for Ondine’s Photodisinfection Technology

VANCOUVER, BC – January 31, 2018

Ondine Biomedical Inc. is set to announce a major advancement in the treatment and prevention of multi-drug resistant infections in healthcare facilities during a press conference on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

Ondine’s Photodisinfection technology has been successfully deployed at Vancouver General Hospital, Canada’s second largest hospital, demonstrating that patients can be protected from hospital-acquired infections without the use of topical antibiotics. Photodisinfection therapy is a ground-breaking technology proven to eradicate in minutes all pathogens, whether bacterial, viral, or fungal, including multi-drug resistant strains. Ondine, the global leader in Photodisinfection based technologies, is poised to extend the technology into the markets outside of Canada, having just received regulatory approval in the European Union as well as several other countries.

Ondine will also welcome Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox (2000-2006), and the Honourable Jean Charest to its board. Fox is a global leader who has been recognized by the United Nations as one of the greatest humanitarians of the world. Charest, former Premier of Quebec and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada is internationally recognized for his knowledge and experience in public policy and international business relations.

WHAT: Press conference with Ondine announcing advance in multi-drug resistant infection prevention
WHERE: Shangri-La Hotel, 1128 West Georgia St., Vancouver B.C. V6E 0A8, Canada
WHEN: Wednesday, Jan. 31 at 11 a.m.
WHO: Speakers and Participants:

  • Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico
  • The Honourable Jean Charest, Former Premier of Quebec, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
  • Carolyn Cross, M.S.C., CEO of Ondine Biomedical Inc., Member of the National Research Council Canada